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upvc extruded door profiles
lead free upvc extruded door profiles for folding door with CE certification

At a glance for lumei bi-folding doors
Beautiful, modern designs - to suit any home, garden and patio.
Reliably secure - with multi-lock systems to keep your home safe.
Highly flexible - with multiple opening options you can let your imagination run wild!
Imagine a wide, open space and the feeling of air and light flowing into your home, as you enjoy your interior surroundings.
With their slim frames and exquisite look, our uPVC bi-fold doors bring you the space, comfort and low-maintenance luxury of modern living. Plus, they are available in a range of colors and configurations, so you can turn your outside space into a stunning centerpiece.
Bi-fold doors form an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional sliding patio doors and French doors. They offer so much more! They improve open plan living and bring a contemporary feel to just about any home.
Product details :

Upgrade for Health’s:
Apply green lead-free formulas Ca-Zn formulas and manufacturing technologies and choose high-quality materials such as quality titanium dioxide and environmental-friendly and efficient stabilizers to ensure you a healthier and more natural living environment.

Upgrade of Service Use:
Apply environmental-friendly and .heather-resistant formulas and highly uv-resistance absorbers to ensure the good light and heat stability against hostile environment and the anti-fading and non-deforming performance. The use of high-quality PVC resin improves the anti-corrosion and acid and alkali resistance of windows and doors which greatly extends their service life.

Upgrade of Colors:
Apply advanced diversified surface treatment technologies and treatment technologies of colorful surface design such as co-extrusion, wire drawing embossing and laminating. With advancing design concept, beautiful and utility finished products and smooth, glossy and colorful product surface the overall solutions of colorful decoration can meet the requirements of all grades and individualization benefit.

Technological Process:
Lumei uPVC Profile is one of the leading uPVC extrusion profiles manufacturer since 1995. Factory equips with 14 produce lines, one independent laboratory, one modern standard storage, and one window making workshop. Products including 60mm/65mm/80mm/88mm/108mm and other shapes extrusions. We successfully passed the CE certification and Lead free uPVC profile test.Following is the video on how to making windows.
uPVC windows & uPVC doors
Lumei uPVC industry does not only the manufacturer of uPVC profile, but also the one stop solution supplier for window and door systems.
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Casement uPVC windowuPVC Folding Door uPVC Hopper window
Any questions about uPVC Profile Please feel free to contact with us.Sliding Upvc Profiles factory

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