2D Wireless Barcode Scanner suppliers

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Product Details
Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner Ipad
The Syble XB-6266MBT is a Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner ,which can read barcodes from mobile screen directly .the rugged design can withstand multiple times 2m drops to concrete ,the Barcode Scanner Database also working as charge cradle ,it will auto charge the Barcode Scanner when you put it into the cradle ,this will eliminate customers worry about the battery power during use.
There are 3 kinds of working mode , which include manually ,successive and auto scanning .in the automatic scanning mode ,it will free the customers hand and sharply increase efficiency .
this Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner compatible with android  and IOS tablets ,and smart phones ,which make it popular use in retail store ,restaurant order and other industries .
Compatible with IOS devices such as iPad  ,and iPhones
Barcode Scanner Database working as charge cradle
Auto sense mode freed users hand
Compact and rugged design withstand multiple times 2m drop
Support most 1d and 2d barcodes
Latest bluetooth 4.0 technology

Tech Parameters
What’s inside the box ?
1X Barcode Scanner
1X Barcode Scanner Dababase
1X USB cable
1X Adaptor
1X User Manual

Why Choose US ?
1:Quality guaranteed products and quickly and accurate services before and after sales
2:Professional Barcode Scanner Factory with experienced professional teams
3:full collections products which include Laser ,Linear Barcode Scanner ,2D wired and wireless Barcode Scanner and Omni Barcode Scanner
it is your best one stop purchase Barcode Scanner Supplier.
Company Brief :
Syble is a professional Barcode Scanner Supplier from China , our company located in Zengcheng,Guangzhou  ,next to a Modern Science and Technology Park ,back on a hill with fresh air and beautiful scenery  and only miles from the biggest lake in Zengcheng . we develops and manufactures all kinds of Laser Barcode Scanner,2D Barcode Scanner ,Omnidirectional/Presentation Scanner ,Bluetooth Barcode Scanner at this beautiful factory ,and distribute to domestic and oversea clients and customers.

Syble Culture
Be Sincere
treat everybody with respect and honest
Pursue excellence
deliver superior products and services to our clients and customers  
Brave embrace challenge
embrace the challenges from work , life bravely
Be Proactive
with a can-do attitude and proactive attitude to fix issues  
1:Is this 2D bluetooth Barcode Scanner compatible with iPad ?
yes , it is compatible with iPad and other android  tablets
2: How far of this Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner can support the data transmit ?
In line of open sight max 100m
3: How many can one standard carton pack this Bluetooth 2D Scanner ?
Our standard carton can pack 20units
4:Can we use our brand on this IOS 2D Barcode Scanner?
yes , we can use your brand for this item2D Wireless Barcode Scanner suppliers

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